Hair cuts!

Have you ever tried to cut a 15 month old's hair? Trust me, it is not an easy task. Charlie's hair was getting a little long around the ears and on his forehead so I thought I would trim it again. It was not as easy as last time. I guess it looks fine just a little shorter on his head than I would have liked it to be. While I was cutting, I also did Will's and Lindy's. Will's was easy thanks to Kate's clippers that she was so willing to let me borrow (thanks Kate). I just wanted to give Lindy a shorter look for the summer, it will be cooler for her and easier for me. Here is a picture, tell me what you think (the picture is not that great, she was being a clown.)


Hawklady said...

cute! When Henry was a baby (like Charlie) I would strap him in his highchair in front of the tv with a lollipop to distract him from the cutting.

ehudwill said...

Why is there no picture of my haircut?