kids, kids, and more kids!

This week has been a busy one, not much time to post. I have been watching 4 extra kids and we have been having too much fun to post. The only bad part is that it has either been raining or wet from rain outside. We have to find stuff to do indoors. We made play dough one day and played with it 2 days, watched some PBS, played with puzzles, and went to run outside even though it was wet.

In other news: I went to the Dr. yesterday for a prenatal checkup, me and Lindy heard the heartbeat, and my blood pressure was down, yea! (please continue to pray about this for me, I don't want to have another pregnancy with blood pressure problems). On the way to the
doctor., my nephew tells me "be brave at the doctor aunt Kelly" if he only knew, thank you Henry for your two year old wisdom.

Hopefully I will start having more time to post in the near future.

What's a blog post without a picture? This is Clara and Lindy last week at our trip to Lookiing Glass Falls, we had a great time!

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Hawklady said...

Henry does have some good advice sometimes. Yesterday when i was stressed becaus Zoe was locked in her room he told me "you need to sit down and relax mommy"

Thanks for watching them for me this week!