Big day for Lindy.

Lindy was born with an extra front tooth. Kinda strange I think, but so is the fact that I still have three baby teeth. We have known that she would eventually need to get it taken out but have been waiting until the time came. When she was a toddler (like 15 months or so) she feel and broke it really badly. It has just kinda bothered her a little bit, I think she didn't like the way it looked. And recently she has told me it hurts her. So I took her to the dentist and he said it needed to come out (the one next to it was getting decayed because of it) and that the one next to it needs a filling. Well today was the day, we scheduled it about a month ago, and we have been talking about it and she was ready. All she needed was a couple of buddies and Grandma to come and hold her hand and she was set. They gave her some gas to relax her and within 15 min. or so she was done. About 5 minutes after the dentist was done, she started to scream and cry, I think it was a delayed reaction. She did not like the guaze in her mouth and thought her spit was blood. After we got home, she got better and is now sitting watching Care Bears in The Big Wish movie as a reward for ding such a good job.

This is Lindy this morning before we went to get her tooth out. She was pretty excited about it.

In the car after we left the dentist. She is not so excited now, but she did a really good job.

At home still a little out of it, but feeling better.

Showing off the "hole" where her tooth came out. She is pretending to talk to grandma.

Lindy's tooth, most of that is the root. Poor girl.


Hawklady said...

good job Lindy!

Papa and Grandma Cox said...

Lindy did a really good job ! I was so proud of her. Her other teeth should have plenty of room to grow now. I was amazed at how large the root was. Dr. Turnage did a really good job with her, he does have a way with kids. Too bad he didn't donate his time.

Katie said...

What a brave girl! The picture of her after she got it pulled is so pitiful.