For the kids

Since my girls are getting older, they are more interested in doing things on the computer. My job is to find safe and free things for them to do. There are many useful and educational websites for kids. Our favorites are Starfall, poisson rouge, Sebran and minisebran.

  • Starfall is great for teaching your kids to read and comprehend and also learning phonics. There are lots of stories and songs, poetry and games.
  • Poisson Rouge is a great game that comes with no official rules. Teaches your children to use their brains a little, they have to figure out how each of the different toys work. Has ABC's in 3 languages and lots of vocabulary in these languages too.
  • Sebran is a free download game that has tons of letter recognition games, math and number games and also keyboard skills where a child has to press the right letter key as the letters come falling down.
  • Minisebran is a mini version of the Sebran program for younger children. Has simalar games but geared for your toddlers. This also has a coloring type game.

These are some of our favorites and I hope that you enjoy them also. We have more that I hope to be posting in the next few weeks.

I also found some birthday kid clubs you can sign your kids up for to get a free meal for their birthday. Check them out.

And one last tip, you can go to this site and get 2 free games of bowling for your kids a day for all summer long. I signed mine up and they had an offer for 2 games a day per adult (16 and up) for only $23.99 for the family.kidsbowlfree.com


Hawklady said...

Thanks for all the info Kelly!

Sara said...

We have been enjoying Starfall for the past few years, but I'll make sure to check out those other links. Thanks for sharing them! The girls also enjoy the games on PBSkids.org and www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies