Mom and dad gave me this piano. It was in the new house they bought and they did not want it. I am so excited about re-learning the piano. I found a website last night that give free online lessons so I will see how that goes. I printed out sheet music for Carol of the Bells, and I am trying to start with it. I will update you on my progress as time goes by. I am also hoping that my kids can learn too.
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Papa and Grandma Cox said...

Isn't Carol of the bells a hard song to play? I will see if I have any of your old piano books, I do not think that I do but I will look. It is sort of like riding a bike, the notes will come back to y ou, just like when you were young, YOU MUST PRACTICE ! Sorry I can't come over and sit on the bench with you anymore.

ehudwill said...

Looks great Kelly. I cannot wait for you to give a concert!