What happened to you?

Yesterday while we were at mom and dads house, Clara and Lindy were fighting over a picture in a coloring book. Next thing I know I hear a big thud and Lindy screaming. In her efforts to win the picture, Lindy fell off the chair she was on and to the floor, on the way down, she hit her face on the table giving her a really black eye. We put frozen broccoli on it for about 20 min. (because mom and dad had no ice because they were still hooking up the water line to the ice maker in the new refrigerator). She won't look at it and thinks that it is just a cut. I just wanted everyone to see her injury so that you too won't ask "what happened to you?"


Hawklady said...

aww poor lindy!

grandma said...

We have ice now, for any future injuries!! Poor Lindy

Mother Michele said...

OH! Poor Baby. I could cry for her. That had to hurt. Give her a hug from Aunt Shelly. Love you guys