My little jelly beans

I am supposed to go and get Charlie's pictures taken. He fell asleep when we went last month with all of the kids and did not get his pictures done by himself. I have been putting it off. He scratched his face one week and then the next week I didn't have the money and then the next week, I did not have the time and then he was sick one week. You get it, life got in the way. So the other day I thought to myself, "Kelly, you can take pictures of him just as well as the girl at Walmart." So I tried. I think that they came out really well. Clara and Lindy thought that it looked like fun so I have pictures done of them too. We had fun doing it. The girls picked out their own dresses, and Charlie looked so cute in his 23rd Psalm "His little Lamb" shirt. I guess the best part is now I don't have to go to "stinky" Walmart.


Scott Baughman said...

Hi Kelly,

That picture of Lindy laying on her stomach in the blue dress is just BEAUTIFUL! You did a great job on this photography. As a published photographer (well, at least occasionally...heh) I can tell you that the key to getting that great shot is VOLUME. As in, take lots and lots of pictures and eventually one will turn out great.
With digital cameras, it's very easy to take a bunch of shots anyway. And you did great!


Hawklady said...

Kelly, they turned out great. I'm gonna get the red eye out for you if you don't mind.