Kindergarten, end of day one.

For those of you who read my blog, and have not called yet to find out about Clara's first day of school, it was a success. She was very excited when she got in the car to leave the school. She had so much to tell me about all that she had done. She has a lot to say about Bella, her new friend. She is excited about going back tomorrow. Breakfast was great, not anything I would ever give her, chocolate pop tarts. And the snack was good too, bumble bee cookies and apple juice. I asked her if she missed me and she replied "nah", I thought she said "yah". I told her it was okay to miss me and she replied, "I said no! Was I supposed to miss you?" Will someone please pull this dagger from my heart? One day and she has already forgotten about our five years together. She is just growing up so fast and I am so proud of her for just being Clara. At the end of the day she was rewarded a dum dum lolly pop for having good behavior, way to go Clara, I love you.


Hawklady said...

LOL @ 'was I supposed to miss you?'

Mother Michele said...

We are so happy for you Clara. School is a wonderful place to be. Hope you are having fun and making lots of friends and learning many new things.
Love from Aunt Shelly