Beach bound

This Saturday we will be leaving for the beach. We will be going with my in-laws, who invite us to go every year. I was determined that I was not going to do everything the night before like I usually do, so I started yesterday. Lindy and I drove to Sam's Club yesterday to get a few things that we would need. We got some snack foods to bring (fruit roll ups, honey buns, bottles of juice, things I don;t usually buy) Today I have been tackling laundry so that it is all done before we leave (is it ever all done?). I have packed Clara's bag, and towels too. I plan on getting Lindy's bag packed today and continuing with the laundry. I want to have everything ready to put in the car without the last minute running around looking for shoes and did you bring this and I forgot that routine that we usually do. I have a ball game on Wednesday, play date on Thursday morning, and Girls night out on Friday night so hopefully things get done the way I want them to.

A picture (because what is a blog post without a picture)
Clara on July 4th, her 6th birthday with a sparkler.

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