more for the kids.

Here are a few more of our favorite free sites for you to browse. Hope you have a great day.

ziggity zoom is a new favorite of my kids. They like to feed the monster, dress the princess, color, and read stories. If you have not yet checked this one out, do it now.

Kidmango is a new site that I found for the kids. Since we do not have cable, there are not many options for the kids on tv. This site has a great variety of shows for the kids to watch. So far we have watched Pocoyo and New Mcdonald'f Farm. Check it out.

The Literacy Center has a great site for kids to learn colors, shapes, alphabet, numbers, the keyboard and many more things. I really like to use this site because it has printable worksheets for your kids. I also like that it has the lessons in 4 languages.

Zefrank is a site that has lots of cool little gadgets. This is one of my favorites, you can make your own flowers, Clara really likes it too. This one is neat too, there are 2 versions of it and I like them both for different reasons.

I hope that all of my free treats find you lots of learning and entertainment.

one more that I have not checked out yet but they have a search for great websites for kids is the Association for Library Service to Children. If you get a chance to check it out before I do let me know what you think.

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ehudwill said...

Kelly really likes the Zefrank.