I won, I won!

After all the waiting and thinking that it was all over and that all the giveaways were given, I get an email this afternoon saying that they need my address so that they can mail out my bag. I won! Someone actually picked my name. I will be receiving a bag from the blog Green Bag Lady. I am very excited. I also got a mention on another giveaway but was not chosen. On that giveaway, we were asked to name the monster that was being given away, I named it Zarthag and it was mentioned here in the top ten. After all of that I have found way too many blogs to read, way too many crafty ideas floating around in my head and a Christmas gift bag. How cool is that.


ehudwill said...

Congratulations Kelly!

Katie said...

Congratulations!! I knew you would win at least one!

Hawklady said...