Riverbanks Zoo

Today we went on a trip to the zoo. We all had a lot of fun. The kids were really well behaved and that makes any trip good. We saw all kinds of animals, had a picnic lunch and even got to ride a train and carousel. The first animals we saw were two bears. They were not having a good morning and were growling at each other. Check it out at on youtube.

We got to feed the Giraffe, that was fun for me because giraffes are my favorite wild animal.

Lindy had fun seeing her favorite, the penguins and also liked the elephants. She kept telling us that the elephants needed a bath because they were muddy.

Me, Lindy and an elephant

Some more elephants

three penguins

Clara liked the zebra, and got to ride a fake one on the carousel. She liked taking pictures of all of the animals. She also liked feeding the giraffe.

Clara by the zebras

On the carousel

Charlie was an excellent baby and just looked around and took little naps. He did such a good job all day. He got out of the stroller a few times to look at the animals. Like my dad says when I give a reason for Charlies happiness, "he is just happy to be alive."

Charlie looking at the fish
(I know you can't see the fish)

Charlie and the Gorilla


Katie said...

It looks like you guys had a great time.

Grammie said...

Charlie looks so comfortable with his gorilla friend.