Bunk beds and prunes

We got bunk beds for the girls the other night, and last night Will and I (mostly Will) put them together for them. What a project, what a mess. I took some pictures of them just now while the are taking their naps. They really like them and I like that the toys will fit in their room and they do not have to invade my living room anymore.

If you look closely, you can see them sleeping, this is one of my favorite times of day.

Charlie went to the doctor yesterday for his 4 month check up and the poor little guy had to get shots. I did not let them give him all of them yesterday, I will bring him back in a few weeks to get the last one. Well anyway, the pediatrician said that I could start giving him some food other than breast milk, so I bought him some vegetables and prunes. I gave him some prunes this morning and he liked them a lot. I guess this is just one step closer to my baby growing up.

Charlie with his messy prune face, he had so much fun eating.


Hawklady said...

He's too cute! I think he liked the prunes!

Katie said...

What a cute baby!