Counting 1000 gifts

I have seen others counting their blessings, the little gifts in life that often go unseen, now it is my turn.
Clara after her baptism

#1 Faith of a Child
#2 family
Clara being baptized 5-15-11
#3 dying to the old

#4 church family

#5 silliness 
#6 laughter
#7 Cameras that can capture life's greatest moments.



Sarah said...

love it kelly!

Katie said...

Wish I had been there. So proud of her.

linda said...

I loved the Blog and the pictures of Clara, I am glad that we were there with you all in church. One of my biggest dislikes in life is that we are not all going to the same church, I love sitting in the pew and seeing my family all around me. I understand why we can't all be at the same church but my heart breaks every time I think about it, I am tearing up right now as I write this. Oh how I want to sit in church with all of my grandchildren, not for me but for them so they can have the memory of worshiping with me and Dad.
on another note the video reminded me of something I use to do as a child. My dad worked for the cable company and when he emptied out one of the large wooden spools or cable wire he would bring them home. We would use the big ones for picnic tables and the little ones for chairs (my mom would put a pillow top on it. The best thing was we put on shows in our backyard and we would put the spool on its side and walk on it like a log rolling lumberjack. well enough for today, love you Kelly and I am proud of you and your family Mom

William Hawkins said...

Great post Kelly. Thanks for sharing the video.