I have always loved lilacs.  I think they bring back memories of childhood.  We always had a very big purple lilac in our yard when I was a child. The fragrance of the blossoms filled the air in the spring. The very first plant I planted when we purchased this house almost 9 years ago, a lilac.  I could not find one with purple flowers, so I got the white.  They are in full bloom now, the spring breeze is full of their scent. I am brought back to my childhood, and I am happy.

This is my lilac bush outside my kitchen window (you can't really see the window anymore).  When I planted it, it was only one branch.       
One of the flowers close up.


Katie said...

I remember cutting flowers and taking them to our teachers in elementary school. Everytime I see Lilacs or smell them, it brings back memories.

Anonymous said...

What a special memory Kelly. Hope you have a beautiful day.