I've tried my hand at making super cute crocheted headbands and I am very happy with the results. Trying to decide whether to make them to sell.  Give your feedback please.

This is my niece Zoe wearing her headband for a photo shoot. 


Alaythea said...

I think they are beyond adorable! I think you could sell them like mad! The detail is so pretty and the fact that they are hand crafted makes them even more special - Etsy.com would be a great place to sell them - I can't wait to see Gianna's!!!

Hawklady said...

I think you should Kelly! I had a lot of people comment on how cute it was. I'll take pics for your etsy store!

Anonymous said...

You should definitely sell them, they are super cute! Great job!

Stacey said...

I like them! They are unique and my girls would love love love them!

Just thought I would stop by and say hi! I hope you are having a great day!