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I just entered this giveaway and you should too! 
The topic this week is TV turn off week.  I have been trying to wean my children from so much TV, not that they were ever allowed to watch much.  When the TV is off, the behavior is better!  I like it that way.  I also liked the giveaway, so I entered, you can too, check it out.

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Alaythea said...

Growing up we didn't own a TV - we played outside all the time (granted we lived on a huge farm miles from anyone or anything), rode our bikes, etc. So once I was allowed to watch TV I kinda got "hooked" - my family is a TV family. It's always on....we don't just sit and watch it but it's always on to provide noise - I grew up with four younger siblings and I can't stand the quiet. Having only one child seems so "silent" to me sometimes and I have to have the noise. Plus we live on a busy road in an apartment now - getting out and playing is a lot harder. Sometimes I wish I had what it takes to just turn the TV off, but I don't, I enjoy it too much!