A lot changes in one month!

The last month has flown by, I can not believe that it has been that long.  Elise is a really sweet baby and fits in well with the family.  Charlie loves being a big brother, he love to hold his baby and give her kisses!  Lindy is such a big girl, she loves having a little sister, I can't believe that she will be five this year, I remember when she was my baby.  Clara has changed a lot in the last month.  She has lost 2 more teeth and I think she has grown about a half inch or more.  She is not a "little" girl anymore, she is growing up too fast.  I love my kids and I am grateful for ever day I get to spend with them.  Will and I have figured out how to handle four kids for the time being and everyday we learn something new.  I am glad that I get to take this journey with him, I love him so much.

Elise tonight 1 month old

 Clara being goofy at my 30th birthday party!

                                                           Charlie being creative!

Where you can find Lindy most days, she loves Elise

Charlie stole the bowl of peanut butter and honey that we were putting on crackers.


Anonymous said...

They are so cute! You are blessed Kelly!

ehudwill said...

Great post Kelly. I love the pictures you used.

Sara said...

Love the pics! Hope we can come see you soon or have you over if you feel ready. My girls are into playing ponies all day and would love to play with your girls! The kids have been taking turns being sick since Thanksgiving. Seth is still coughing but much better, and the others, thank God, have been well for over a week! Can't wait to meet little Elise!