Why is this child crying?

any idea?

Still have no clue?

Alright, She was helping make dinner and

When I stepped into the other room to finish up

while the oven heated up........


and this is what became of dinner.

Don't worry, I saved it while she stood in time out and we all enjoyed our mini pizzas.
The End.
(PS Dora and Tico enjoyed helping me clean up)
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Hawklady said...

uh oh!

ehudwill said...

I was so upset my head almost split open to reveal the skull and eye flames.

Papa and Grandma Cox said...

I don't understand what she did?

kellyn2girls1boy said...

she dropped the whole tray of pizzas on the floor! She was not even supposed to be in the kitchen and went in to try to put them in the oven herself.

I thought the pictures told the story pretty good, guess I was wrong.