fixing my mistake

The other day, the kids and I set out to make some really awesome tie die shirts. We got white t-shirts, washed them and twisted them and put rubber bands on them. We went to the store and got red and blue die, these were going to be our shirts for the 4th of July, we died them and rinsed them. We were prepared for the awesomeness, and what we ended up with was pinkish purple shirts, a lot of them. (no I did not take a picture of them, I cried and forgot, rather I wanted to forget the shirts). They sat there in their ugliness for a few days until I had an idea how to fix them. Bleach! That is the answer to fixing them. Today Lindy and I set out on a mission to fix the mess I made. I filled a spray bottle with bleach and water, twirled the shirts and sprayed, hoping that they would look a little bit better in the end. To our surprise, they are awesome, not red, white and blue like we wanted in the first place, but we are all happy. Side note, I did manage to save Will's shirt and it turned out really well, it looks like what the others should look like.

Will's shirt, and Will's shirt up close.

Our shirts, after I fixed them.


ehudwill said...

Kelly gave me my shirt. I just hope that I don't ruin it.

Papa and Grandma Cox said...

Maybe we should have a shirt contest instead of BBQ contest this year? You had a good idea to fix the shirts, you are a smart cookie !

Hawklady said...

they look good Kelly! Good thinking!