Making a baby doll

Yesterday when Clara got home from school she wanted to make a craft. The other day I had put a pair of old hose with a run aside to make a doll for the girls. I did not really have anything planned for them and dinner was already planned so I suggested we do that. We started stuffing the legs of the hose and then twisted it into sections like you would a balloon animal. I tried to stitch a face on them, not too bad for a first (and second) attempt. I made a diaper and hat out of felt and used some material I had left from another project to make a blanket. It was fun and the girls like their new babies lots.


Hawklady said...

Those look great Kelly. You're so creative!

Papa and Grandma Cox said...

Very Crafty! they look good Kelly, I think you should have your Daisy Scouts make one.