Tuesday Take-out

Tuesday's are one of the easiest days for me, rarely do we have anything planned for the evening, we just stay home and have family time, so nice to not be running around. I like to use my time during the day to make an extra special dinner or dessert. So because I spend time doing that, I am going to start posting a link to a blog post that has inspired me in the last week. I will spend less time on this and more time preparing for our family night, got it.
Today's take-out is from the blog Simplemom. It is an article made up of 6 simple ways to be Disorganized & Unproductive at home. I hope that you enjoy what the author has to say as much as I did. (You can click on the take-out box to go to the first tip of the 6, click on the "today's take-out to go the the main article, or click on teh Simplemom to see the blog in its intierty.)

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