Cookies and kisses


Last night I made some cookies. These were my famous stand back and throw cookies which always turn out different, that is because there is no recipe. I don't like to follow recipes, I figured out what goes into certain things a long time ago. So now I just usually "stand back and throw" until it looks right or smells right. If I ever make something that is really good, I try to write down what it is that I did so I can possibly duplicate it later.
These cookies are simple flour, sugar, vanilla, butter, 1 egg, (the egg is the only measurement that I know for sure) milk, and sprinkles (I used cinnamon sugar on some of them). They turned out really good and Will said he could eat all of them but I told him to save some for the kids.

Last night Charlie figured out kisses. These are not your normal kisses, but the baby kind, the slobber on your face kind, the giggle with excitement kind. He thought that he was big stuff. I was laying on the floor in the living room with him and Lindy playing and reading when all of a sudden he grabs my head and starts attacking me with kisses. The boy is so sweet. This lasted for a few minutes until he decided maybe, just maybe I would let him bite my nose.


Hawklady said...

You're brave cooking without a recipe. I am too afraid that I'll mess something up, especially with baked goods.

Aren't baby kisses the sweetest! No alterior motives just pure love and adoration.

ehudwill said...

I would have eaten all the cookies if I could. I was very hungry last night. Stand back and throw is always fun.

Jennifer said...

Awww baby kisses are the best...wide open mouth...slobbery kisses that really only Mom's could love ;)