A bunch of wild animals

OK, now that i have your attention, I am not talking about my children. We went to the zoo in July and never brought Clara's camera inside to transfer the pictures. Last night Will asked where that camera was (he wanted the sd card in it for something) and when I told him promptly went and got it. I was surprised by some of the pictures she had taken, very good for a 5 year old. I thought that I would share some of them with you. This guy was grumpy.

The giraffes are my favorite.

Look at the smile on this guy! He's got teeth!

Yellow fish stopped for a photo.

Just swimming by.


Hawklady said...

Wow, Clara got some good shots. I like the first one of the turtle the best.

Mother Michele said...

It's so great to see things through childrens eyes. Their world is so beautiful, as it should be. YEA!

ehudwill said...

About 25% of the pictures that she takes are good. The rest are either off center or of something odd. I really enjoy seeing all the world through her eyes.

grandma said...

Clara is a great photographer !! I have some of her best work on my computer.