jelly bean news updates!

Halloween was over for a week and Lindy wanted to carve her pumpkin, "like Henry's" so her and I did it.
She was so happy, and the rabbit was too (the scraps were all hers).

Lots of news since I last posted.
  • Charlie has teeth! He got his first one on Friday October 24, then the second one on Friday, October 31. He has been super cranky this week and I knew another one was coming. This morning it popped out. He now has three teeth and just 3 weeks ago he had none. Lindy and I got a picture of the bottom two.
  • Halloween was fun. The kids got lots of candy and had fun seeing Leilani. Clara dressed as Hannah Montana, after weeks of telling me she was going to be a cat. Lindy was a princess ballerina, the princess part came when she saw that Leilani was a princess. Charlie was a dalmation puppy (kinda looked like a cow).
  • Clara and I started our Girl Scout troop. We had our first ceremony last week and she got her first badge for learning her Promise. We have a lot of fun spending the time together every week, without Lindy and Charlie.
  • Clara got 2 awards at school for her excellent behavior! We are so proud of her.

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ehudwill said...

I love the picture of Charlie showing off his teeth.