Edisto Beach, Here we come!

Our family, we will have to get a new one with Charlie.

We will be leaving to go to Edisto Island, SC tonight. We will stay for a long weekend and be back sometime Sunday. My mom and Dad are so great, they are the only reason that we are able to go. They got a condo for 14 people and we will all stay together. Mom, Dad, Katie, Becky, and Leilani are on their way right now and we will leave after the open house at Granard. We hope that the kids will sleep in the car the whole way there so that we do not have to stop to many times for potty breaks. I will leave you with pictures of our last trip to Edisto from July 2006 and I will be back with new pictures on Monday.

Lindy 11 months old first trip to the beach.
Clara had to put on her tutu so she could do ballet on the beach.
She celebrated her 3 birthday while we were there.

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MOM said...

It was a great weekend, and I hope that we can do it again next year.