The new addition to our family!

This morning we woke up early to go to the flea market in Chesnee. We did not go looking for anything really, I wanted to get some tomatoes and other produce if I found a good price. Well we ended up finding a lot of good things. We got a red wagon (we have been wanting one for a while now), some books for the kids, drinks, because we were hot, a present for someone in our family, some stamps, and a rabbit. Clara has wanted a rabbit for a long time, and they are not that hard to take care of so we got one. She is white and her name is Sally. Hopefully you can come and meet her sometime soon.


Katie said...

Very Cute! Can't wait to meet Sally! So did you buy my birthday present at the flea market??

grandma said...

I like Sally, I think she is cute!!! Hopefully she will be a good pet for Clara. \ /
. .
(that is suppose to be a rabbit)

Hawklady said...

cute bunny!

Sara said...

She's cute! Maybe we'll get to see her on Wednesday. Virginia wants one, too, but I don't know if we need any more animals right now.:)